Research in Motion shares are finally on uproar. Last Friday Jefferies analyst Peter Misek set a new price for RIM shares from $5 to $10.

On Monday, RIM’s shares ascended to 39 cents.
“Preliminary results from our quarterly handset survey indicate developed market carriers have a much more positive view of BlackBerry 10 than we expected,” he writes in a research note. “With greater carrier shelf space and marketing support, we now believe BB10 has a 20%-30% probability of success. While the likelihood is low and we remain well below the Street for the November quarter and February quarter, the potential reward is high.”
Misek further said that he had expected a more muted response from the carriers; his theory is that “carriers see BB10 as one of their last chances to avoid being locked into a long-term smartphone OS duopoly,” with Android and Apple’s iOS.
If we believe what Misek is saying then there are 20% to 30% chances that BB 10 would be a success which may give shares a boost.