iOS 8 and iWatch Focus on Health- Reports

Apple focuses on health and fitness on its next iOS iteration and projected iWatch. The Cupertino company is working to release an app named “Healthbook” in the soon-to-release iOS 8 mobile and iPad OS this year.

As per reports, Healthbook will allow users to check and store their health and fitness data by means of steps walked and calories burnt. It will also keep a track of weight loss program of the user along with blood pressure, heart rate, hydration level and glucose level of the user.

The application has also been programmed to work as a reminder for users who consume their medication at the defined time. The spec is co-included with iOS recent Reminder app.

Speaking about the Healthbook app interface, the application is to take help from Passbook app of Apple. The user interface is smooth and card-styled with every card displaying separate data. The prototype Healthbook logo is also like Passbook icon with some tweaks.

It will come along with Apple’s iWatch as the company filed a patent which describes the device as including a  heart sensor to detect the cardiac signals of users. The interior surface of this gadget will have a sensor in such a way that electronic signals of the user are transferred via his skin and reach the leads of the electronic gadget.

Employees from the company also reveal presence of an iWatch that will come with health tracking specs. Apple employed some medical experts like Dr. Todd Whitehurst, Jay Blahnik and Ravi Narasimhan with Nancy Dougherty in the iWatch team.

Thus, the next iteration from Apple will be focussing more on health.