While usually these upgrades are more on the technical side in the backend, this time around, the iTunes interface has been completely revamped, and how! Featuring an edge-to-edge snappy design, you can enjoy an entirely new experience with better view of the album art. But wait, that’s not all – the enhancement to iTunes doesn’t just end with a new look.

Probably the most exciting upgrade to iTunes is the integration of iCloud. There’s also the introduction of a brand new feature called “Up Next”, which is similar to the one in Spotify. With this feature, you can make a mini playlist of sorts, adding more songs to play after the currently playing track.

Another area that has been redesigned is the mini-player – it’s now got its own search bar and you can even manage your playlists directly from the mini-player. We have to say that the new iTunes sure looks a lot more stylish with a brand new look even for the iTunes Store. What we don’t know yet is if the resource-heavy iTunes has received a boost to improve its sluggishness though. Users can get their hands on the upgraded iTunes by late October, as per Apple reports.