Around a year back, developers at Apple Inc. started pulling off applications from its App Store, which were mimicked or copied from the titles of the successful games.

Considering company’s policy and trademarks, Apple is rejecting applications, which try to mislead gamers or users by imitating trademarks of some of the successful applications.

It seems that Apple is just trying to help and protect real developers and owners from being ripped off of their copyrights.

The ‘iTunes Content Dispute’ on Apple’s website will take complaints from owners of music, games, images, or brands, who feel that their content is being used in applications without their permissions.

This new and innovative tool by Apple looks like a firm step the company has taken to protect owner’s copyrights.

Here is the link that any developer or maker can visit to lodge a complaint:

Apple’s app store has review guidelines that specifically say that “use of protected third party material — trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, otherwise proprietary content — requires a documented rights check which must be provided upon request.”

With over 650,000 apps in the store, the question is that checking out all applications might get difficult for any firm. But Apple seems to be concerned with just the ‘chart-topping’ apps, which are more likely to be copied.

This news seems to be great for both developers as well as users. Now users won’t be misled and developers will have their rights protected!