Social media search experience doesn’t get any better than this. Bottlenose, which was a game changer for social media, has today launched its discovery engine in public beta. The discovery engine is one of its kinds, which lets you keep tab of the news, pictures and links that are in vogue. With Bottlenoses’ discovery engine, searching the web becomes an enthralling experience as you come across the freshest and most vital information at click of a button. In the words of Nova Spivack, CEO, who says that Bottlenose effectively does for social networks what Google did for the Web.

When you enter your query in the discovery engine search bar,  Bottlenose pulls out information related to your term from social websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and you get to see your search in a tabular format synopsis called ‘Now’ which gives you immediate access to the current trends.

“We’re trying to be the ‘Now’ company,” Spivack told Jennifer Van Grove of Venture Beat. “We’re trying to build the highest resolution picture of what’s happening right now.”

Bottlenose’s works on a technology that measure the crowd to sense the drift across major social networks. What it gives you is a precise piece of information of what is happening and what is current in the world.
Bottlenose also gives you a handful of apps such as Now, Paper, Pictures, Scanner and Sonar, which lets you choose from the trending content. These neat apps engage you in the first instance and give you a better understanding of content.

“The messages flowing through social networks reflect what’s happening in the world. Bottlenose measures the crowd to provide a live view of what’s important,” said Nova Spivack, co-founder and CEO of Bottlenose. “We’re mapping the global mind in real-time. It’s a new way to tap into collective consciousness that literally lets you see what the world is thinking.”

You can also create your Bottleneck account in case you want to save your searches for later viewing. This way you have your personal start page, which gives you fresh dose of whatever is happening around you whenever you log in.

“We had to develop entirely new technologies to make Bottlenose’s real-time discovery engine even possible. Bottlenose is entirely built in Javascript and HTML5 and leverages a patent-pending crowd computing architecture to achieve massive scale at amazing low costs,” said Dominiek ter Heide, CTO and co-founder, Bottlenose. “Bottlenose builds an interest graph for every person, topic and link mentioned in social media. It also uses proprietary analytics, natural language processing and trend detection algorithms to map the global brain at any point in time.”

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