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It’s The Firefox 16, The Latest Internet Browser To Come From Mozilla

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Mozilla's latest Firefox 16Firefix 16 is out. This latest version of the internet browser by Mozilla is launched with critical fixes to some of the previous susceptibilities.

Mozilla has introduced this latest Firefox 16 browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Notable features include initial web app support, a new developer toolbar, support for more HTML5 code, and accessibility improvements for Mac.

Users can easily download the latest version from

According to the company’s release notes, the Firefox 16 has HTML5 code such as CSS3 Transitions, animations, transforms and gradients are unprefixed, which means they are stable.

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Stable features include CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms, Image Values, IndexedDB and Values and Units. Firefox also unprefixes Battery API and Vibration API, two Web APIs that Mozilla helped create.

The new developer toolbar in Firefox 16 has buttons for quick access to tools, an error count for the web console and a new command line, which allows users to control the tools using keyboard.

Looking at the Mac version of Firefox 16, there’s preliminary VoiceOver support turned on by default. And the Firefox for Android has a new feature called the Reader Mode, which simplifies reading on websites and blogs. It’s great for reading from tabs or mobile devices.

Firefox received criticism for its previous version, but now with the latest version, Mozilla hopes to offer users the best experience on the Web.

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