Thursday, December 7, 2023

It’s Samsung Galaxy Note II, All The Way: Lands In India With S-Pen Capabilities For Rs. 39,990

The Samsung Galaxy Note II officially launched India yesterday for the price of  Rs. 39,990. India is among the  first few countries where Samsung has launched its much coveted phablet (Phone + Tablet).

Yesterday at the Press Conference in Hyderabad  B D Park, the President and CEO of Samsung South West Asia Operations and Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics Ltd proudly took the stage  and looked exulted while talking about the unique S-pen feature of Samsung Galaxy Note II. He also talked at length about the big screen and why Samsung went for it.

Among the other dignitaries director Imtiaz Ali  of Rockstar and Love Aaj Kal fame was  present at the official launch of the phone.

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Regarding the  size of the Galaxy  Note II Samsung Vice-President India, Asim Warsi said,“The smartphone is not just bigger but thinner. The screen is much better thanks to AMOLED tech and this is one of the best smartphones around.” “S pen as the most advanced mobile gadget yet” Warsi added.

Apart from the cool S-Pen feature galaxy Note II comes with a Photo Note feature which allows users to edit photos , tag and add notes to the pictures. The Photo Note has a scrapbook option which lets users create an interesting collage of the photos .

Regarding the S-pen  Warsi said  “The S Pen is tuned to sense 1024 different levels of pressure sensing. This can draw lines of depth, width, intensity”.

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S-pen can be used as a normal pen and it comes as a relief for those who are not too comfortable with touch screens. If S-pen does what it claims then it can prove a major boost for the Korean electronics giant.

The surprise segment of the conference was the launch of Galaxy Smart Camera. The Camera is 21 Mp charged up Android 4.0 device , is wi-fi enabled and has SIM capability. It will be available in India post Diwali.

The smartphone is available for pre-order on Samsung’s Indie e-store. You can click here to order. The cost for pre-ordering the device is Rs 5000. The pre-order is once placed, it cannot be cancelled.

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