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Israeli People Try To Beat COVID-19 Lockdown Blues By Hugging Trees

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As the social distancing norms began to take an emotional toll on people, Nature and Parks Authority of Israel has come up with a unique solution to beat the lockdown blues. As the COVID-19 social distancing norms stop people from hugging their family and friends, the Israeli authority suggests embracing trees instead.

OritSteinfeldShery, the Marketing Manager at Israel Nature and Parks Authorityencouraged people to turn to nature to experience love in these testing times.As per a Reuters report, SteinfeldShery said, “In this unpleasant corona period we recommend to people around the world to go out to nature, take a deep breath, hug a tree, express your love and get love.”

Many people began heeding the advice as adorable images of people hugging trees have begun surfacing on various social media sites.

Reuters also added in its article, “At the park, about 15 km (nine miles) north of Tel Aviv, tree-huggers such as Barbara Grant heeded the advice during a tour arranged by the Authority.

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Hug A Tree If You Too Are Missing Loving Hugs

Many of the individuals interviewed by the leading news agency shared that it indeed feels nice to hug trees as it gives them a sense of comfort as they practice the physical distancing norms.

There is an inherent need for human connection among individuals, for touching and embracing their loved ones. However, due to the ongoing health crisis, individuals have been advised against hugging their parents, children or any of their other loved ones as a necessary precaution.

Experts note that the pandemic and social distancing norms post the COVID-19 outbreak can lead to increased feelings of isolation and depression among populations.  As the news surfaced, Twitter users shared the news articles in large numbers with #hugatree showing support and enthusiasm towards the idea.

A Twitter user posted, “You might feel silly but if you are missing hugs, go hug a tree. It really does make you feel better Smiling face with smiling eyes#HugATree #melbournelockdown”

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Notably, forest authorities in Iceland had also suggested people to hug trees as they can’t embrace their friends and families amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to beat the lockdown blues.

A Twitter user was also reminded of the Chipko Movement after the ‘Tree-Hugging’ campaign by the Iceland forest services.

He tweeted, “Chipko to de-stress from #Covid19 ??#HugATree #social #distancing #quarantineForest rangers in Iceland asking folks to hug a tree for 5 mins to cope with the stresses of social distancing.”

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