Once upon a time, there was a fad of installing a special shower radio to listen to your favorite tunes when bathing. Well, shower radios may be passé, because for the music loving ladies of today, iDevices has designed the iShower speaker device. It’s water resistant, pretty looking in an all white box with soft touch buttons and a digital display, and connects via Bluetooth to your iOS, Android, or Windows-based smartphones.

The iShower has a hook at the back so you can hang it up in your shower conveniently, and even a stand if you wish to put it up on a shelf top. When you switch it on, it greets you with a friendly “Hi” message and as you pair it with your phone, it belts out music into your shower so you can bop along as you shampoo your tresses.

You can control the speaker’s volume and even skip tracks using the iShower, and the clock display lets you keep track of time too. The iShower speaker may be tiny, but don’t let the size fool you, for even in the small package, you get brilliant bass for your sound.

Choose the music you wish to listen to, and get it going in the shower already, for just $99!