Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Is ZTE Making an Eight-Core Smartphone to Rival iPhone and Galaxy S3?

Chinese smarpthone manufacturer, ZTE, is rumored to be working on developing a high-end smartphone. Codenamed “Apache”, this smartphone could offer direct competition to the likes of the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920.

Reported in the Unwired View, a Taiwanese processor design firm called Mediatek has been chosen over rivals NVidia and Qualcomm for its design of an eight-core ARM-based processor which could power this new device. The processor is expected to be manufactured by TSMC. ZTE’s Apache could feature a full HD resolution display, a 13 MP rear camera and offer even 4G/LTE connectivity options.

The firm is one of the top five smartphone manufacturers in China, and accounts for around 10 percent of the smartphone market currently. However, it has been unable to shake off its image as a low-cost phone manufacturer, due to which it hasn’t experienced much success in the West.

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But if its Apache project becomes a success, ZTE could definitely move past its existing market and diversify into the extremely competitive high-end smartphone arena too. There’s no word yet on when this phone could be unveiled, but here’s hoping it comes out soon, and is competitively priced to garner huge sales.

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