Samsung is set to wow consumers yet again with its new Galaxy device. Unveiled earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is yet to make its debut. If the buzz is to be believed then the world will see its launch on August 15.  Samsung has already sent out invites for its new Galaxy device launch event to be held in US but it is still unknown that whether the new device from the Samsung’s cache would be a tablet or a smartphone?

The world recently got its hands on the Galaxy S3 smartphone and it is highly implausible that the manufacturer is planning another handset. If it does, then it will eat into the profits of S3, which makes the launch of a new Samsung Tablet highly probable. A report by CNET states, “The division that sent the e-mail, Samsung Electronics America, usually handles launches for non-smartphone devices, like tablets.”

If Samsung launches itself back in the Tablet game then undoubtedly the stakes are going to be higher this time. Google Nexus 7 has already created a stir in the market and a mini iPad is also on in its way. So the question rises, if at all Galaxy 10.1 is going to be a tablet then how would it defeat its rivals.

One of the unique features of The Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to be its ‘S-pen’ interface coupled with a stylus which makes writing or editing more precise. This 10.1 inch tablet comes equipped with a smart ‘S-Note’ feature which lets create your own personalized story boards by merging notes and sketches with the web content, images and other digital media. Another matchless capability of ‘S- Note’ is its ready-to-use templates such as meeting minutes, recipes, cards, diary and magazines.

If you have an artistic hand then you can also create hand-drawn geometric shapes which can be digitized by Shape Match function. This lets you craft more structured idea sketches and storyboards

Coming to the Tablet specifications, the 1.4GHz dual-core Exynos 4210 processor Android v4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 3G capabilities makes for a smooth browsing experience. The tablet also comes loaded with GPS and GLONASS.

Samsung has also added some fascinating features for students in this new offering. What turns this tablet into an interesting educational tool is its ability to live-stream the lectures while students jot down notes with S- pen. With Galaxy note 10.1 studies become fun for students as they can research college essays and read their text books online as they take notes digitally. Another neat feature introduced by Samsung is Formula Match which corrects and digitizes the hand written formulas. The new Note will also have Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas that will let you sketch ideas, choose from colour themes, and import images with the use of  S-pen.

As of now, the speculations are rife that Samsung will launch a tablet and  the possibility of  company launching a successor to their much popular phablet Galaxy Note II cannot be ignored …and if so then we are curious  …what will happen to the roaring sales of Galaxy S3?