After the Apple map app faux pas, Nokia has launched its own maps application, which is called HERE. The new map app from Nokia is an iOS app, a web app and a Firefox feature. Nokia’s Android SDK means it’ll be transformed into all kinds of Android apps too.
HERE is a complete package of style street views, 3D-style modelling, augmented reality, shareable bookmark collections, public transport details and live traffic information. There’s also a Map Creator that you can use to add your own data.

There is no doubt that Nokia Maps are mind boggling. The big question is why Nokia is not keeping its map to itself. The answer to this is actually quite convincing. Nokia is going all out in the mobile battle ground.

It is doing what giants such as Facebook failed to do, making big money from mobile and it is doing that by sending its services across various devices.

After bringing Lumia in the market, Nokia is now trying to capture the map app market and the way it is going it seems in no time Nokia would emerge as a major threat to Apple and Google.