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Is ‘MeWe – Next Gen Social Network’ A Viable Facebook Alternative?

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Facebook continues to command a major share of the global social media market along with its two sister platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp.  However, the recent accusations around Facebook’s handling of user data have created an atmosphere of mistrust among many social media users. MeWe comes as a breath of fresh air for these privacy conscious individuals.

What is MeWe? What social media features does it offer?

MeWe – Next Gen Social Network is an emerging social media site. It was launched back in 2012 but has begun gaining much traction in the more recent times. Rebranded around the promise of safeguarding users’ privacy; MeWe has quickly gone popular with a total of 8 million users and close to 2.8 million active users.

One of the rare ads-free social media app is available on all major operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, besides its basic web version. MeWe comes with all the basic features of Facebook including social media posts, tagging feature, feed, groups, personal chats, video calling and voice calls in order to ensure users have access to all the major social media features that they are used to.


Additionally, it also provides features like cloud storage as well as the option to custom profiles for different groups. But, many of its perks such as encrypted chat feature, additional cloud storage space, dark mode, live voice and video calling requires a subscription fee. As MeWe is a completely ‘no-ads’ platform, this subscription fee amounts for its major revenue source.

Interestingly with MeWe, no AI based algorithms control your feed but rather displays all the content unfiltered and chronological. However, it does hire a small moderation team to identify and remove hate speech or any other harmful content but otherwise doesn’t really interfere with much of the other content on the platform. Furthermore, it offers support for up to 7 languages and also comes with a meme generator for your photos on its mobile versions

MeWe Limitations you should know before you join in

For an app that calls itself the “Next Gen social media network”; MeWe fails to completely blow us away with its features. But, it would be fair to simply call it an FB-alike but a more secure social media platform.

Our other concern with the app is that the developers haven’t open-sourced or decentralized the emerging social media site.Moreover, building your audience as an influencer or a brand can be slightly difficult on the platform especially with its comparably lower user base.

Verdict: Is MeWe Worthy of the Switch?

All in all, MeWe is a decent social media platform to join which is expected to grow further in the coming years. While it may not be as fun, it is indeed a great Facebook alternative if privacy is your Number 1 priority. Nonetheless, if you happen to be a social media person; MeWe is definitely worth a shot.

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