Gets you thinking doesn’t it? Released earlier in May 2011, The Dell XPS 15 is turning out to be Window’s reply to Apple’s Macbook series.

As compared to a MacBook Air, the XPS 15 has a design that goes beyond beauty.. Machined aluminuim and the bonded Corning Gorilla Glass allow you to have a comfortable watching experience. The 15.6” Full HD 1080p display on the XPS gives competition to Apple’s 11.6” LED-backlit glossy widescreen. The 3rd Gen Intel Core processors power the XPS beast with 16GB of memory while the 1.3 GHZ dial core inter core i5 and a 3MB shared L3 cache on the Mac makes things much more interesting.

Dell claims to have the best of the best when it comes to movies, music and streaming video & seems to have taken Apple’s stereo speaker, dual microphones & remote headset ports into consideration while doing this.

XPS went all out in incorporating a 512 SSD Hard Drive to speed things up (not to mention the 1TB SSD drives as well). Apple still follows its 128 & 256GB storage options here. Pretty un-original.

A 720p camera from Apple does get compared to a 1.3MP camera in the XPS. Battery life also seems neck to neck with the Dell XPS 15 housing a 65WHr 9-Cell Lithium polymer battery. Apple was bashed here with its 38/54 WHR Li-Polymer battery.