Is Dell XPS 15 Laptop A Windows Way to Beat Apple Macbook?

Gets you thinking doesn’t it? Released earlier in May 2011, The Dell XPS 15 is turning out to be Window’s reply to Apple’s Macbook series.

As compared to a MacBook Air, the XPS 15 has a design that goes beyond beauty.. Machined aluminuim and the bonded Corning Gorilla Glass allow you to have a comfortable watching experience. The 15.6” Full HD 1080p display on the XPS gives competition to Apple’s 11.6” LED-backlit glossy widescreen. The 3rd Gen Intel Core processors power the XPS beast with 16GB of memory while the 1.3 GHZ dial core inter core i5 and a 3MB shared L3 cache on the Mac makes things much more interesting.

Dell claims to have the best of the best when it comes to movies, music and streaming video & seems to have taken Apple’s stereo speaker, dual microphones & remote headset ports into consideration while doing this.

XPS went all out in incorporating a 512 SSD Hard Drive to speed things up (not to mention the 1TB SSD drives as well). Apple still follows its 128 & 256GB storage options here. Pretty un-original.

A 720p camera from Apple does get compared to a 1.3MP camera in the XPS. Battery life also seems neck to neck with the Dell XPS 15 housing a 65WHr 9-Cell Lithium polymer battery. Apple was bashed here with its 38/54 WHR Li-Polymer battery.