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Is Apple’s iPad, MacBook Hybrid a Strike on Microsoft’s Surface?

apple ipad hybrid conceptFrom what we hear now, Apple has got a patent for what is supposedly its visualization of the MacBook and iPad hybrid. The device is going to feed on wireless charging and it would comprise a tablet dock. There would be direct transmission between the device base and display.

The filing suggests that this new patent is for a device that would have a detachable touch display. It would also have a base station for the standard keyboard. Seems like Apple’s answer to the Surface RT and Surface Pro from Microsoft, doesn’t it?

Microsoft was the leader in the hybrid market with the Surface Pro and Surface RT. However, Microsoft baked a pie only half as tasty as Apple did with its MacBook and iPad.

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When Microsoft was gearing up for the launch of RT and Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Anything can be forced to converge. But the problem is that products are about trade-offs, and you begin to make trade-offs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn’t please anyone… I think to make the compromises of convergence, so – we’re not going to that party.”

It needs to be seen if Apple is able to pull it off.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves to travel, books, playtime with her toddler--as she explores new places, amazing food and anything tech!

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