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Is Apple Not Confident About Apple iPhone 5S? Fear Surfaces As Samsung Galaxy S4 Takes The World By Storm

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Apple iPhone 5S is on the way but with Samsung Galaxy S4 making waves in the market, Apple is not happy with its success and is not taking it in positive stride. Direct comments of Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller on Samsung Galaxy S4 have surfaced the threat Apple is facing. Former Apple exec  Jean-Louis Gassée was not happy with the way Apple is showing its fear to the world.

Monsieur Gassée wrote in a column:

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“Attacking competitors, pointing to their weaknesses, and trumpeting one’s achievements is better done by hired media assassins. A company, directly or through a PR firm, engages oft-quoted consultants who provide the required third-party stats, barbs, and encomiums. This isn’t theorizing, I once was a director at a company, one of many, that used such an arrangement to good effect”.

Gassée went on to say that Apple was “losing the war of words”, and that “others have seized the opportunity to drive the narrative.”

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