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Is Apple iPhone 6 Going to be The Finest Thing Apple Ever Produced ? Hoping Release Date is Just Near…

Just yesterday, we wrote about a rumor we’d heard that said Apple could delay the iPhone 6’s launch a little longer and bring out cheaper iPhone models in the meantime to gain market share. But now, a little birdie tells us that we might just be able to get our hands on the new iPhone 6 much sooner.

An image clicked at a UK operator store has a reference indicating that the 4G iPhone 6 could be out soon. Of course, Apple will only bring out new devices after it has unveiled the new iOS 7 – when that would be, we still have no idea. So far, we were expecting minor updates on the iPhone 5 this year from Apple in the form of an iPhone 5S.

But the CEO Tim Cook hinted that the company’s working on some spectacular hardware which could be unveiled this fall, hinting possibly at the iPhone 6. If there’s any truth in the picture and Cook’s statement, then that would mean Apple intends to skip the iPhone 5S and go straight to iPhone 6.

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From the image, we see that the device could have a 4G LTE radio. We’ve also heard that there could be various models of the iPhone coming out this year – with different screen sizes and maybe even at different price points.

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