A thinner, lighter and worthy iPad 5 was expected in the early 2013 to counter affect the market of Microsoft’ Surface tablets, but somehow the date and production was always pushed ahead.  While we take a close look at the project iPad 5, all the rumors and leaks would find their way out.

Release date

All techie releases are full of the speculated dates of release of iPad 5 that revolves around early, middle and now some even boasts about the fall of 2013, there is no confirmation and only the speculations are doing rounds. The early release dates could have slipped due to a shortage of touch sensors for the iPad 5, the production is supposed to begin from July with shipments going out in the third quarter or autumn of 2013. But again, if things fall into places for Apple, iPad 5 will be unveiled this fall.


If apple follows its trend of matching up the price of new one with the former one, it is expected to be US$499 (£399, AU$539) for the Wi-Fi-only 16GB iPad 5, US$599 (£479, AU$649) for the 32GB model, US$699 (£559, AU$759) for the 64GB and US$799 (£639, AU$869) for the 128GB iPad.

Features and specifications

The fourth-gen tablet iPad 4 came with a new A6X processor system-on-a-chip, which it claims to be twice as fast as the previous iPad, and also the new lightning connector and better LTE support. But the expectations are very high with the new iPad 5 which is likely to sport a thinner and lighter version with reduced size of the LED lights to consume less power. The iPad 5 would measure around 232mm long and 178.5mm wide against 241.3mm long and 185.8mm wide for the iPad 4.

25-30% smaller battery and 15-20% thinner model has virtually no left or right bezels in portrait mode, with just enough space above and below the display for the home button, sensors and front camera. The iPad 5 will drop weight by using one LED light bar instead of two and added that the Retina display would use a thinner 0.2mm piece of glass (the iPad 4 uses 0.25mm glass). If correct, the new iPad would weigh at fewer than 500g. The rear-facing camera will be getting an upgrade, increasing resolution from 5MP to 8MP. The iPad 5 might come with a stylus to keep up pace with Galaxy Note 8 and 10.1. The new iPad will feature a vibrating mode for message alerts and haptic feedback (within games, for example)



It is speculated to pack GF DITO (or GF2) touchscreen technology into the new iPad 5. GF2 is already used in the new iPad mini, which helps to make it 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than its bigger brother. The iPad screens will be supplied by LG and Sharp and not the Samsung this time.


The iPad 5 would feature an improved A6X processor or the A7X processor is still under covers and even the speculations are high about the possible manufacturer of the same.

Case clues

The cases are expected to be slightly smaller than the iPad 4 ones and would feature a hole on the back for the supposedly relocated microphone.

Wireless charging

According to the patent, called “Integrated inductive charging in protective cover-an inductive power transmitter arranged to wirelessly pass power to a corresponding inductive power receiver unit disposed within the tablet device” filed by Apple, it is looking into equipping its iPad Smart Covers with induction coils so that you’ll be able to charge your iPad simply by closing the cover.


The iPad 5 may launch with an official Apple gaming joypad as indicated previously by some reports.

And this is all we can predict each and every aspect of the new iPad 5 after going through all the available leaks and reports that went online since the launch of iPad 4.