Apple has confirmed that it will unveil its latest addition, the iPhone 6 at an event in San Francisco on 10th September and claims to “Brighten everyone’s day” with the iPhone 6 launch. There’s still no word on when the handset will hit shelves, although it’s typically a couple of days after the high-profile unveiling.

Keeping in mind the new LG Nexus 5 launch along with Google Nexus 7 launch and the (rumored) Asus Nexus 10 2 launch, various experts reviews have been asking this dreading question among others – is Apple fighting to stay on top with its speculative launch of iPhone 6?

The smartphone/android market has certainly seen a surge in new entries as compared to 2011, what with MNCs releasing a new model every alternate month. Apart from using this strategy to occupy each other’s market share on the shelves (by slashing previous model prices), one has now more than 5 verities in every price range.

The Google Nexus 7 has already created a name in the market since its release on 28th August. With competitive pricing; its dimensions (198.5mm, a width of 120mm & a depth of 10.4) already make it little more handy that the iPad(s). Its 216 ppi resolution has already bettered iPad’s 163 ppi; not to mention Nexus 10’s whopping 300 ppi.

Google’s Nexus 5 co-branded OS KitKat 4.4 might just knock iOS 7 off its feet. With a smoother & faster user interface programming, the already “security-less” iOS 7 has been overshadowed by a software yet to be released.

While Google solved its  LTE  support snag as-well, Apple might just be fighting to stay afloat on Google’s market bombardment from left, right and center with the iPhone 6 launch. And the new model release might just be a plea for attention in disguise.