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Is Apple Brushing The iPhone 6 Right? Would Retina+ HD IGZO Screen Become A Looming Threat For Samsung Galaxy S4?

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, everyone’s waiting eagerly to see what archrival Apple will pull out in retaliation. And we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors around what Apple could possibly put in the iPhone 6. According to the most recent rumors, the company is apparently collaborating with Sharp to make an IGZO screen with its famous HD Retina Display technology.

Sharp’s IGZO screens are quite popular thanks to its power efficiency and high touch responsiveness qualities. And Apple’s own Retina Display technology is what has made Apple devices so wow in terms of viewing capabilities. Merging the two together in the iPhone 6 could give us a full HD screen that uses up very little power and responds to touch extremely well.

Given that Apple’s iPhone 5 drew a lot of flak for its tiny screen, we can expect Apple to put in a larger screen in its successor. But we’ve heard that Apple could possibly even offer varied screen sizes in the iPhone 6 so users can pick between a large screened and a small screened iPhone.

We could also possibly see a stylus equivalent device with the iPhone 6, thanks to some insight into recent patents filed by Apple for such technology. And of course, the biggest rumor surrounding the iPhone 6 is that it could have a wraparound display. With such futuristic features, is it any wonder why we’re all so keen to know what Apple has in store for us?

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