Is AI the Cause of Google’s Optimism?

Google Inc. is breaking into the world of hardware manufacturing. The search giant is adopting an approach similar to the likes of Apple and Samsung. Hence Google is now investing in the three biggies of information technology–software, hardware and AI endeavors. With the launch of Pixel 2 mobiles and self-driving car Waymo, Google has emerged from being a search engine to a hardware company. However, there is one thing that’s common between all the different faces that Google dons. AI is at center of all the innovations taking place at Google. It’s sure that the AI behind Google’s software gives hope of a smart, automated and possibly, a secure future.
For years now, Google’s hardware division has been experimenting a lot and now it seeks to deploy its AI technology into everything it does. When it comes to hardware manufacturing, in addition to Pixel 2 we will see the company launching a series of gadgets such as wireless earbuds, Chromebook, Jumbo,a GoPro-like camera, mini Google Home smart speaker and possibly a new version of its virtual reality headset. Though the recently launched Pixel 2 mobiles have failed to impress due to their poor display and other software and hardware inefficiencies, the search giant is giving hope to its customers by promising better software updates in the coming time.
We cannot anticipate Google giving tough competition to Apple or Samsung any time soon. But if the company succeeds to improve its AI software and hardware technology, the game for Google might change. In the long run, we expect great growth for the search giant who is investing a lot into its hardware technology. With its serious and convincing efforts in the past such as putting Rick Osterloh, the president of Motorola company, as in-change of its hardware division. Much recently, the company invested over $1 billion to acquire some of HTC’s mobile business.


When Google introduced two Pixel mobiles and other upcoming gadgets with Google Assistance as an underlying theme during a recent press event, we were convinced that the company sees its hardware technology as a driving force behind for its AI efforts. Google Assistance is a voice assistant technology that competes with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.
Optimism in business always works well. Let’s hope it works for Google too!
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