Tech rivals Samsung and Apple will be clashing in the coming year when both will release their ambitious projects, iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5.

Apple is said to launch a new iPhone in the coming year after releasing iPhone 5c and 5s. Reports suggest that the company will release the new device in March. While Samsung is said to releases its flagship device, the successor of S which will release between Jan to March. However, you shall make your decision of which is the best buy after checking out the specs mentioned below:


Reports suggest that iPhone 6 will feature a bigger display in between 4.8 to 6 inches. Well, for Samsung it is surely to sport a bigger screen than its predecessor, however, no figures have been confirmed as of now.


Both the companies will feature 64 -bit processor. iPhone 6 will probably feature the same processor as that of iPhone 5s or may be an A8 processor. Samsung is said to feature 64 bit processor as confirmed by Samsung executive


iPhone 6 is likely to run on iOS 7 with enhanced specs and Samsung Galaxy S5 will come compacted with Android 4.4 Kitkat with amazingly great specs

Internal Storage

Samsung S5 is expected to be released in 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB versions with expansion up to 64GB via microSD slot. iPhone 6 is expected to feature an internal storage of around 128GB


iPhone 6 will be supported by a better camera however, the MP of the phablet is et not confirmed. For GS5, the rumours states that it will come with 20.7MP camera, while the other rumour states that it will not bring an change to the megapixel but will enhance its lens


Samsung GS5 and iPhone 6 will have a better battery life with high end specs