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iPhone5 loses to Samsung Galaxy S III In The Display Battle: IHS Report

Galaxy S III with the brighter displayFollowing the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung left no opportunity to take a jab at the former’s smartphone, claiming its Galaxy S III to have better features and better display, and being everything that iPhone isn’t.

Despite the comparisons and all negative criticism for its maps app, Apple still managed to sell over five million iPhones just within three days of its launch. So the point is do customers really care? Do they ever reflect to take the signals or do they just take the road everyone’s taking?

The fact gets clearer looking at the report by IHS iSuppli Display Materials and Systems Service from information and analytics provider IHS. The report claims that although the in-cell touch technology has surely improved the iPhone 5 display, but when comparing screen thinness and color range, it still lags behind Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

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Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung has made its Galaxy S III 1.1mm in thickness with full 100 percent color gamut. Whereas, on the other side, Apple’s iPhone 5 has a slimmer 1.5mm display and a 72 percent color gamut.

Incorporating in-cell technology or a touch panel combined with the main display is the first major achievement by the Cupertino Calif.-based firm.

Seeing the overall specifications, the iPhone 5 is thinner than the Galaxy S III. Seeing the success of iPhone 5, it seems that the display color gamut that this device offers is more than sufficient for most Apple lovers, who focus more on getting the best user experience.

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This latest technology lets more light emit from the display and offers a vibrant and crisper image in the iPhone 5, but that’s still not up to the mark set by the Galaxy S III. However, there are many Samsung users who feel that the bright images and coloring they get on their devices look unrealistic.

So which device do you prefer? The bright iPhone 5 or the brighter Galaxy S III? Share it with us.

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