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iPhone Budget Apps – iReconcile

Want to look for an easy and trendy way to keep a check on your finances? Then give your boring budget diary a rest. Make way for the red-hot budget apps which not only help you keep a track of income but also help cut corners. Saving, as financial experts point out, comes from smart budgeting and here is how you can make your comprehensive budget planning a cinch…

For most women, the temptation to spend is powerfully compelling. iReconcile promises to do away with that particular proclivity. iReconcile claims to be the strictest budget app yet and so if you are one of those whose purse strings are perennially loose, iReconcile is the budget solution for you.

To bring about this revolution, iReconcile recognizes that not all budgets are monthly. It allows for custom made budget schedules which can range from days to years. The rollover feature promises to reward you for achieving the unthinkable. If your expenses are less than the allocated budgets for a particular period, the rollover feature transfers the savings on to the next period. But before you beam with excitement at the thought of “extra” cash, be aware that the rollover feature promises to penalize you for overspending in much the same fashion.

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iReconcile allows you to subcategorize your budgets as well and choose which accounts to use and which to keep untouched. This way you have a stricter idea of what to spend, what to spend on and where to spend from. No more tapping guiltily into joint accounts or the husband’s account just to hear him complain. So, in a sense, your husband may love the app more than you do yourself!

Your budget data is readily available in detail and it’s merely a single swipe away. Transactions are grouped by their date. Each date row displays the running balance for that day. When creating transfers between accounts, the records are linked so making a change will be affected in both accounts. The editing, viewing and deleting of transactions is intuitive and simple, a veritable boon for the technologically challenged and for women on the move.

If studying numerical data proves to be tedium, then iReconcile offers you the option of viewing transaction data in the form of pie charts. When you run income or spending reports, what you in return is a colorful pie chart that shows the top 5 or top 10 items of the report. It’s funny how all data seems more coherent when depicted as slices of a pie. Spendthrifts and weightwatchers, here’s the rule of thumb or err, the rule of pie… the smaller the slices, the better you are doing.

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The tech klutz need not fear as iReconcile offers you the option of storing important data on iReconcile’s dedicated backup servers as well. So the next time you treat yourself to those shoes you’ve been craving, bid adieu to the buyer’s remorse. With iReconcile, you’ll know you’ve deserved it.


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