The IOS app store has hidden gems that make life more beautiful.  No matter if you’re a social butterfly, a songbird who loves music or a busy bee, there are always some good apps which are best suited for all iPhone users.  Here is our selection of the must-have best apps for iPhone. If you a first-time Ios user, then download the best iPhone apps to expand your mobile’s capabilities in a myriad of exciting ways.

Social Networking


GroupMe is the home ground for all the groups you are a part of, including family groups, college groups, team groups, etc. You can also use this app to converse with people who have not downloaded the app on their phone. They can chat via SMS. Also, you can mute the chats you find offensive, and can also manage all notifications effectively.

If you’re talking about social photography, then Instagram is second to none when it comes ro best iPhone apps. Instagram is that one app which is not only used by social media lovers to stay connected with their friends by by posting their latest stories, latest updates, but is also being used by savvy marketers to promote their products in creatively photogenic ways.

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Apple Music

Apple Music offers unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire music library. It homes 50 million songs that can be played with or without internet, and without any ads. You can create your own playlist for the upcoming party or tune in to Beats 1 radio and let real live DJs take care of the mix.


This one is a popular music streaming app. Known as the daddy of streaming music services, you can easily stream, download, and discover music with a simple finger touch. It offers access to a massive music catalog anyplace, anytime and can be synced with iPod.

Health and Fitness

Nike+ Run Club

If you’re a fitness freak, then this one will give you major fitness goals. A perfect marriage of immediacy and depth with this best iPhone app you can get trained by best trainers online, without having to move out of your house. The fitness app offers over 185 free workouts that can be customized to meet your fitness requirements. You can even compete with other members of the Run Club in order to stay motivated to get moving.

One of the most effective weight loss and dieting app, FatSecret gives free access to world’s highest quality food and nutrition databank. The simple, easy to use food log will help you to plan your meals in advance and in accordance with your weight loss plan. It is a perfect companion to keep a track of your food, exercise and weight while on-the-go.

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If we are talking about beating the traffic, then nothing can beat the Waze. Waze is  crowd-sourced maps and navigation app that uses travel data from real-time travelers to provide real-time information on the quickest routes.  The best part of Waze is the ability to add points of interest for others to see on the map.

Google Maps

Being one of the most comprehensive search engines in the world, Google is hands down the best help when it comes to finding the best businesses and attractions across the globe. Google Maps offers driving, transit, biking, and walking directions in hundreds of countries around the globe. It’s fairly easy to use and even suggest shortest possible routes to reach the preferred destination in the least possible time.


Kindle Reader

Just because you don’t use kindle, doesn’t mean that you can’t read even kindle books. The credit goes to Amazon that it makes possible and easy for you to download and read the purchased Kindle books on iPhone. The condition is that you are required to buy books through the Amazon, but once purchased, you can download the books right into your iPhone and read whenever you want to. 

Streaming Media


Netflix is a great entertainment app streaming latest TV shows, movies, and so much more. It comes with a customized menu per region and country that makes it an attractive streaming tool worldwide. To get your eyes on the latest TV shows, enroll for Netflix membership and enjoy unlimited streaming of videos, serials, movies, drama, and more. Want more brilliant iPhone apps? Stay tuned!