The flagship smartphone from Apple, the iPhone X stole away the limelight undeniably and the iPhone 8 too managed to get a fair share of sales. However, if there is one device that has been left in the lurch, it is the lesser noticed iPhone 8 Plus. Sadly, Apple has made its own products compete amongst themselves due to bad timing of their launch.

For all those who fancy the iPhone X but find it heavy on the pocket, the iPhone 8 Plus is the right alternative. In case you didn’t know, the latter has pretty much the same attributes as the former. Be it the processor, camera, charging, lighting effects, the iPhone 8 Plus has got a multitude of specifications that are being marketed via the iPhone X.

  • It features the traditional home button and Touch ID, much like its previous counterparts. Many users have opted for this smartphone especially because they didn’t want to unlock their device every time they looked at it (the signature feature of the Apple X).
  • According to The Verge, the battery life of the iPhone 8 Plus is the longest which makes it an ideal device for those who make extensive use of their smartphones.
  • Although,it does not comprise of an edge to edge display and might have a smaller screen diagonally, it is still a bit wider overall, meaning that some part of the content might look larger on the iPhone 8 Plus. However, its screen cannot match the OLED screen of the iPhone X and that is one area where the X wins hands down.
  • The price is not as high as the iPhoneX, unless you go for the 256GB variant which almost reaches the $1000 mark. However, ever since the magnificent iPhone X was launched, other brands have pulled up their socks and started offering some of the most exclusive features in their latest flagship devices which are priced almost the same as the iPhone 8 Plus. This aspect too has shrunk the market for this smartphone that had already been challenged by its own elder brother.
  • Seems like Apple has utilized all its energy on the iPhone X and did not pay much attention to the 8 Plus because the design too is very average, almost similar to the iPhone 6. The brand has introduced a few tweaks here and there, but they haven’t been that appealing.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 8 Plus is undoubtedly the best version of the current series and has a lot to offer.  It does have its own share of downsides, but they all get justified at that price. The iPhone 8 Plus has been gravely underrated and Apple needs to market it with as much enthusiasm as the iPhone X.