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iPhone 7 Update: May Come With e-Sim Technology

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The iPhone lovers have something to cheer about as the new iPhone 7 would be released soon. This time, there are various specifications added to the new iPhone 7, which will surely make it bliss. However, the latest technology that has been added in the iPhone 7 is the e-Sim technology.

New Technology

The technology that Apple makers have initiated will give the users a chance of switching to any network or carrier without changing the SIM. The process will be undertaken by the user interface of the device. The technology that has been introduced for the first time will see users switching onto different network providers with ease without changing the SIM card, as reported by

iPhone 7- Changing networks would now be easyWhat’s expected?

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As e-SIM is ready to make entry with Apple, it has even given the iPhone a new face. As the design is stated to come in both iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, the SIM sensors inside the phone has been upgraded. With e-SIM, the right side port that is hardly used by the users will be removed which in result will give a nice look to the phone. The change would be a part of the upgrade, which Apple has promised to the users.

In addition to e-SIM, Force Touch would be the additional feature that would be provided to the users which is presently only on the Watch from Apple and the new Macbook. Speed and camera function of the iPhone 6S and 7 would also be updated. Therefore, now one just has to wait and watch what wonders the new changes brings in the cell phone industry.

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