Just as we got ready to wait for the next Apple flagship till 2016, buzz around release of the anticipated iPhone 6S reveals that it could arrive in August this year, according to United Daily News (UDN), a news website from China. Initially, rumors about a September release were rife while we were expecting the flagship to be iPhone 7 instead of an upgraded S-variant.

iPhone 6S Release In AugustWe dug slightly deeper to find that the pre-poning of the release has got to do with component yield in excess. This means good news for Apple enthusiast. If sources indeed have proof that Apple has enhanced its component inflow, then that alone means production of a flagship is surely on in full swing.

On a sadder note, if at all Apple releases the iPhone 6S in August, then we might very well say bye to hopes of seeing the iOS 9 on it. After all, this latest operating system variant will only see release at the WWDC in June this year.

We are not even sure if the iPhone 6S will boast presence of the already famous Force Touch. Amid so much to munch upon, we can only update you details as soon as we pounce upon them. Till then, watch this space.