Apple seems to be in a fix for the launch of iPhone 6 this year or the next. With iPhone 5S scheduled to arrive in a couple of months, Apple may serve an excuse to go for iPhone 6 this fall or it may take an advantage with Samsung’s ongoing bad year. However, the way Apple has projected itself at WWDC with iOS 7 and revised Mac products; iPhone 6 may become a reality this year only with the speed of the A7 processor.

iPhone 5S is expected to support A7 processor, a chip which is radically more influential than the A6X found in current devices but nowhere near as powerful as the A8 scheduled to go into the iPhone 6 in 2014. And if the launch of iPhone 6 coincides with iPhone 5S, it will be with the same processor A7 of 5S and not the planned A8. It even works out well on the software side as iOS 7 has already been coded for the A7.

In order to launch iPhone 6 this year, Apple has to match up the iPhone 6’s features with the A7 chip or otherwise, it will settle for an A7 iPhone 5S this year, and an A8 powered iPhone 6 in 2014.