iphone-6-elite-daily1Thinking of checking out the best device for the coming year? Well for what reason would you like to purchase the new generation iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4? As per the recent rumours, there are a lot of inventions made in the screen of both the device. While the iPhone 6 screen will be curved and Note 4 will probably offer three unique screens that will be accessible at one point of time.

The iPhone 6 will feature a larger phablet display which will be curved. The screen size is rumoured to be around 5.7 inches which is a lot bigger than its previous versions, iPhone 4, iPhone 5s. As per Bloomberg, the Samsung Note 4 will have cirved screen with 3 different screen which will be easier to handle and simpler to expand your finger to reach a certain point. It will supposedly run with the recent Youm technique.

Both the gadgets will sport 64 bit OS with RAM support of 4GB. Samsung hasn’t unveiled anything about the Note 4, while speculations for Apple continue to be around. Well nothing has been officially announced by bot the companies, the specs are just suggestions made by the analysts. As per the rumours Apple will release the device till June 2014 while Samsung can release it from April to September.

For iPhone aficionados, who are waiting for the release of iPhone 6, the device has a lot of new specs and functions to offer. While for Samsung, everything is a mystery, however, it will be better and more innovative than Note 3. As of now, we shall surely await for the latest updates from the company as enough of rumours have been around from the analysts. We shall update you soon!