iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 5S Vs Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy Note 3: Will iPhone 6 September Release Date Take Toll On Present Rulers?

iPhone 6 September Release


iPhone September Release Date

The big question of the time is when will we see the new generation of iPhone 6 in stores? The September 2014 release has been scheduled as the launch of the device. Previously June was the month of release for iPhone but the iPhone 4s broke that trend. As June is the month of work and travel, thus iPhone 6 launch may not serve as a great lure for the buyers.

Bigger display

Different sources have reported different screen sizes for the new iPhone 6. The screen size ranges from 4.5 inches, 4.7 inches to 4.8 inches. The 4.5-inch display wouldn’t wow the tech-savvy people as iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s 5c and 5 were already seen in a 4inch screen.

As most of the smartphones come with 5 inches or bigger screen size, Apple should soon release a larger model. Customers will significantly make a steeper jump to the other OS if Apple fails to satisfy its fans with the screen size. Ranging from watching movies to typing emails, consumers can do all on a large size display and iPhone Retina Display will soon get undersized.

The biggest rival of iPhone 5s is Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. While S4 comes with 5 inches display Note 3 features 5.7 inches viewing screen. Thus, the iPhone line lacks in screen size and could surely increase to stand in the competition.

One or two models!

The budgeted phone from Apple is iPhone 5c and its flagship release is iPhone 5s. While 5c comes with hard coat polycarbonate covering with funny colours, it comes jam-packed with the latest techniques such as fingerprint scanner and future-proofing. It is predictable that the iPhone 6 will come with an aluminum body. A larger screen for the innovative c version could be intriguing. The iPhone 6 or iPhone XL will be the next lineup in the iPhone series