Since Apple’s announcement this June, pundits have been eagerly awaiting any information about a low cost iPhone. Apple has been silent – and we have many rumours flying around.

It would seem that we have some more information – a picture from the Chinese website – it shows a whole load of plastic iPhone cases, with the name iPhone 5c stamped on them.

What the iPhone 5c could be.

The main question is – what does the “c” in iPhone 5c stand for? There seem to be three obvious answers:

  1. Coloured. Along with the pictures of the multi-colored plastic iPhone backs, the picture from really gives credence to the theory that we might be getting a cheaper and multi-colored iPhone.
  2. Cheap. Rumours about a cheaper iPhone have been gaining momentum recently. A cheaper iPhone could be an attempt by Apple to increase it grasp on the low end market.
  3. Chinese Copy. The picture could simply be showing (C)hinese (C)opy iPhones being made.

Come what may, until Apple finally puts the rumours to rest – all one can do is hope and pray for a colourful and low cost