compare_iphone5cAAPL is all set to release the iPhone 6 in 2014. Reports suggest that the next generation release of iPhone, Apple iPhone 6 will come with a bigger display an curved an flexible screen, while others say it will be a full HD screen.

Apple hasn’t made any official announcement. However, analyst predict the release to be near June 2014, while other reports state that it will be released in the latter of 201. The Worldwide Developers Conference will occur in June 2014. Thus, sources believe Apple will release the device at the same time. Tech companies usually release new product at such events. However, these predictions are made on the basis of trends and till now the congress event and release of 12.9 inch tablet make the June 2014 release apt

No Full HD

Reports agree that iPhone 6 will sports a big screen and better resolution. The sources suggest that it will feature 4.8 inch Full HD screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080. It may be true as Samsung did the same with its GS4. Apple seems to be fine if their gadget doesn’t hold the highest resolution. The company focuses on newer specs now.

Apple is focussing on offering good user experience to people. Expert Reviews suggest that if Apple brings changes to its size then it needs to enhance the resolution too. If Apple doesn’t do the same, the texts and images will get soft and hinder the Retina effect

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel, Apple will have to increase the pixel density. As the resolution is 1.69 times vertically and 1.69 times horizontally, it will increase the aggregate resolution by 3.38 times causing bad scaling. Apple should come with 2272 x 1280 resolution.