iPhone 6 to Sport Extraordinary Camera: Patent Suggests Apple is Developing ‘Super-Resolution Images’


Apple Inc. is known for its innovation. Presently, it is working on a patent that was filed back in 2012 with the USPTO, about developing super-resolution images with the use of an ‘image capture device’. Rumor has it that all of this is being done to present the upcoming iPhone 6 with a superb camera. However, Apple did not mention anything about the feature in relation to its next-generation phone.iPhone 6

Apple explained, “A system and method for creating a super-resolution image using an image capturing device. In one embodiment, an electronic image sensor captures a reference optical sample through an optical path. Thereafter, an optical image stabilization (OIS) processor to adjusts the optical path to the electronic image sensor by a known amount,” in its patent application.

The company further added, “A second optical sample is then captured along the adjusted optical path, such that the second optical sample is offset from the first optical sample by no more than a sub-pixel offset. The OIS processor may reiterate this process to capture a plurality of optical samples at a plurality of offsets. The optical samples may be combined to create a super-resolution image.” It was quite an elaborate explanation, which made it easier to understand what exactly Apple is planning to do.

A particular rumor suggests that iPhone 6 may have EIS rather than OIS but here is no confirmation yet. Apple did not also confirm about launching iPhone 6 with two big screen models, one with 5.5-inch screen and another with 4.7-inch screen, in 2014. Though there is hardly any chance that the company would declare any hardware in the WWDC conference but in all probability it would launch iPhone in September-October of 2014 as strong rumor suggests.

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