color_split_back_ipad_lThe iPhone 6 rumours continue to be around setting the release of the device in October 2014. Apple will also launch its iWatch and Smartwatch along with it. while Samsung released Samsung Galaxy Gear, its smartwatch in 2012, Apple is working hard on it and ready to release it in 2014.

 Apple wishes to enhance the iWatch battery life to 5 days making it three day longer than the Galaxy Gear battery life. The iPhone 6 rumours comprise of inclusion of facial recognition technique and curved screen, with few analyst stating June 2014 as its release date. Th other speculations state it will be like a phablet. MacRumours state it will boast of 4.8unch Retina +IGZO display

 The recent patents of Apple stated that the new iPhone will have the AMOLE screen just like the iPod Nano, 4th generation. The patents are still unfolded and come with gesture control, facial recognition, and 3D display. The wraparound comes with touch screen and makes it impossible for people to hold the gadget without pressing side buttons.

 Another patent release of iPhone 6 could bring fingerprint sensor with MFC technique which will help in data transmission, wireless payment, media transfer and playback etc. Apple can also use sonar to change the infrared sensors. It will help the phone to detect and alert you about an incoming object is in the way. the innovative smart bezel may be included in the device to incorporate on- screen activities.

 As per the patent, this include that the phone will support primary screen to display visual content  and secondary screen that functions as a guide to give inputs for the users. Wireless technology, enhanced Bluetooth sapphire crystal are also expected in the yet to be released iPhone 6