Apple iPhone 6 release may happen earlier then expected. The buzz is that the recent Google-Lenovo Android phones deal will incite Apple to bring iPhone 6 in the market as early as possible.

iPhone 6 already has major competition from Samsung and with Lenovo-Google Deal which will now be taking strings of Motorola mobility, Apple has more to worry about.

CNET reported JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz who feels that Lenovo’s decision to buy Motorola’s handset division will shake up other smartphone vendors. And Apple could be among those shaken the hardest

Apple iPhone 5S and 5C were not a major success. The things that did not work in favor of these handsets were the small screen size and high price point. The Android makers, especially Samsung has flooded the market with budget phones along with some extraordinary flagship devices.

Android players have given in the big screen trend whereas Apple still seems to be stuck on the 4-inch size screen.

In an investors note published Thursday, Moskowitz noted that

Lenovo and Google deal will further strengthen Android’s hold in the smartphone market and this will further increase difficulties for Apple.
Analsyts believe that if Apple wants to keep its hold in the market it has to make sure that iPhone 6 is low on pricing and high on features.

Let us know what do you think about Google-Lenovo deal and how iPhone 6 will be affected by it.