iPhone 6 release round up: Release date in september and more

The yet to be released iPhone 6 remains the most speculated releases of the year. While some found GS5 release a bit underwhelming, a lot is being expected from Apple. Reports suggest at Apple is making some great innovation in the features and design of its flagship release.

Larger Display and Release in September

Before, Apple limited its screen size to small displays in comparison to other tech giants, however, not reports suggest that Apple is switching to a phablet releases with iPhone 6. It has quickened the development of the gadget to assure a September release. As per a report, Apple has hired hundred new engineers in Taiwan and China to speed up the development phase. The aggressive hiring of more professionals meant better and quicker launch of Apple products throughout the year.

90million Units

As per Jeff Kagan, an analyst, Apple is planning to sell as many as 90 million units in its first year of production.

The Futuristic Specs

As per Set Solution, Apple has decked the iPhone 6 with concept video marking hologram projection feature. The other specs include dynamic UI which will permit the people to control the device via their gestures from afar and 3-dimensional imaging.