iPhone-5SApple fans await the best features and specifications as per the rumours of iPhone 6. The phone is all set to make a release in 2014, however, out of all what comes as a big surprise for the fans is the price of the iPhone 6

 As per Susquehanna Fiscal Group personnel stated that the replacement gadget of iPhone 5s will surely come in the market in 2014 with higher price marks. Apple could easily get away with $50 to $100 extra amount for its large screen size.

 While the news won’t be appreciated by the millions of iPhone fans who are waiting for the phone, there are several signs that force the price hike on the iPhone 6. Below here are some indications that showcase that the 2014 debut will be pricier

 Curved or Wraparound screen

One thing that differentiates the iPhone 6 from its predecessor will be the screen size. Apple is likely to jump from 4 inches of iPhone 5s to 4.8inches to 6 inches and to offer flexible display which will give the iPhone 6 a flashing display for premium durability. These updates lead to higher production expenses for the company and eventually lead to price bump

 Enhanced Retina and Screen Sensors

Other than tough iPhone screen design, Apple spices up the phone new attributes. It seeks to offer crisper and sharper resolution from the previous version. Bloomberg reported that it will feature new sensors that can different between light and heavy touches on the display

 Liquidmetal and sapphire

Apple wants to toughen the solidity of the phone and hence it is including sapphire and liquid metal in its casing. This will protect the phone from scratch and depreciation.

 Low carrier subsidies

Every iPhone model starts with normal $199 pricing for the base model. For the new iOS, either the price will be lesser or completely off from the network carrier’s menu.

 Thus, as expected it could be priced $100 higher in comparison to the previous releases