iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Leaked Front Panel Hints to What?

Though the revealed images from No WhereElsewas grainy and quite out of focus, but it displayed all marks of a legal leaked iPhone image! The picture revealed an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s display in comparison to the amazingly yet to be released iPhone 6 display.

Amazingly, you will not find any bezel crafted from on the glass edges and on the top of the alleged screen of iPhone 6.

However, till now there hasn’t been any confirmation from the Cupertino company, and of course the image quality is yet another factor that cannot be ignored by the examining analysts. The image is similar to the previously leaked images which were blurred enough to determine the authenticity of the device.

Another change that was visible in the grainy image was that Home Button wasn’t centred like before in between the top and bottom black border, which was quite hard to believe.

The rumours stated that the image of iPhone 6 could be range from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches but, as per the image revealed, the image at its best could be around 4.2 inches. Despite f the authenticity of the image, the leaked picture just gave an idea of how the much speculated iPhone 6 will look like.