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Mind Blowing Features of iPhone 6 And Release Date: Revealed That Apple Phablet Could Ship in Two Screen Sizes


iPhone 6 price, specs, release date rumours - could ship in two screen sizes

Towards the end of the year 2013, tech giant Apple released nearly all devices that we all were expecting it to launch, but one exception was the iPhone 6. However, Apple did launch the iPad Mini with Retina Display, iPad Air and the iPad Mini and seeing these new launches, Apple has given enough hints of how it is going to design its upcoming devices of the future.

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As far as launch of iPhone 6, rumors are building up strong that this new flagship from Apple will feature two different screen sizes. As per the latest information provided by some highly reliable sources, Apple will be shipping the iPhone 6 in a 4.7-inch screen size as well as in a 5.7-inch size, to mark its foray in the fast growing phablet segment. If this happens, then it will be the very first time that the handset maker launches a single mobile phone in more than one screens size. Rumors of two different screen sizes have grown even stronger in the past few days. The Economic Daily News from Taiwan reports that the tech company will b launching a new phablet apart from the iPhone 6 flagship and this new phablet will sport a 5.6 inch display screen. 

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