iPhone 6 release date could happen real soon . Apple has recently introduced revamped version of iPhone 4 in the market to increase its visibility in the market. Apparently, since the release of iPhone 5S and 5C, many android devices has been introduced in the market and Apple wants to make sure that it doesn’t loose hold on its customer base. The launch of revamped version of iPhone 4 has also fueled rumors of a sooner iPhone 6 release date.

According to reports by Economic Times (India) refurbished iPhone 4 has already started hitting shelves in India and there are speculations that a new version of iPhone 4S will also make its way in the market.

iPhone 4 was discontinued by Apple after the release of iPhone 5S and 5C. However, to increase its market share the California –Cupertino giant have decided to reintroduce the phone in the market.

Economic Times has further reported that iPhone 4 will sell for $250 Aud so that budget conscious consumers could enjoy the experience of an iOS device.

The lower price point is Apple ‘s way to invade the Android market, which is currently dominated by Apple’s rival Samsung.

It is also being considered that now that Apple has decided to capture the budget market soon it will also launch iPhone 6 in a phablet version to regain its dominance in the smartphone arena