businessiPhone 6 release date doesn’t look very far as more amazing offers for the iPhone 5s have been caught online. Retail stores and network carriers have brought the price of Apple devices down.

T-Mobile offered a remarkable deal on the iPhone 5s, which proposed that the consumers can take the smartphone for free. T- Mobile has made an upfront price of both iPhone 5c as well as 5s with $0 price along with 2 year, Simply Choice plan scheme. It has also provided discounts and deals on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina tabs. If you opt for  T-Mobile plan, you can purchase the tablet at $0 upfront by just paying $26.25 and $22.08, as monthly fee, respectively.

Speaking about the Amazon deals, the unlocked iPhone 5s version rates have been cut off by 38%. The 16GB iPhone 5s version is now priced at $845 whilst buyers can but the similar 16GB version of 5s on eBay at $550.

iBTimes AU stated on the 13th of December that Best Buy, Wal-Mart and MacMall are offering alluring deals and discounts on Apple’s phones. Consumers can purchase new iPhone 5s for $120 also. Walmart has priced the device at $127 while its real price being $199. Wal-mart sale have commenced from Friday 13th of December 8 a.m. and will be held till 24th of December

on the other hand, Best Buy is offering a discount of $75, presently selling it for $124 and a lock in duration of 24 month. MacMall is offering 16GB iPhone 5s at a whopping $120. Though the prices of the gadgets surely fall during the time of Christmas, but it is not the case with Apple. Reports suggest that the fall in the cost Apple’s iPhone clues the release of the iPhone 6 is quite near. It may be true that the device could release in the first quarter of 2014. It is said to come with iPhone 5 processor, fingerprint sensing and graphic chip. However, the screen size could range from 4.8 to 6inches.