Apple iPhone 6 may not come in a phablet size. The buzz is that the largest iPhone 6 can go to maximum4.7 inch, which falls far short of 5.7-inch phablet size.

According to reports by Macrumors, “ The maximum size an iPhone 6 could sport is 4.7 inch. Standard phablet size is 5.7 inch the iPhone 6 will not go that far. Also iPhone 6 will come packed in a much lighter frame and will have mouthwatering and killer features as compared to iPhone 5S.”

The same report has also suggested that iPhone 6 thinner side view type LED that will make the device much sleeker and thinner as compared to iPhone 5S.

Also, iPhone 6 may not release in June as predicted earlier. The contradictory reports suggest that the next Apple device will hit the market around September.

Apple CEO Tim has indicated in one of his interviews that iPhone 6 will keep the same display attributes as iPhone 5S, which ripens the speculation even more further that iPhone 6 won’t be a phablet

For iPhone 6 to be a phablet display attributes of the screen has to be increased which apparently Apple is not doing this time.

Let us know what do your think about iPhone 6 not being a phablet. Do you think it will out sell Samsung Galaxy S5?