Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is finally out this week. This is one of the strongest iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4- Which One Would You Pick?competitors of Apple’s latest offering, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Both the devices are being compared based on their design, display, camera, features and specs by the prospective buyers, critics and fans alike.

Galaxy Note 4 has already been conferred with the “best smartphone display ever” title by DisplayMate. It has a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 2560×1440 resolution whereas iPhone 6 Plus has a lower resolution of 1920×1080. However, it does not lag behind the Samsung’s flagship model in any way. Lets see how the two biggies weigh. It is iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 has a sleek design with brushed aluminum frame. However, it is being criticized for not having a metal chassis full-on. On the other hand, iPhone 6 Plus has a complete metal body.  Moreover, this phone has a slimmer frame as compared with the Note 4.

iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 64-bit 1.4 GHz dual-core A8 processor along with 1 GB RAM. One can choose from internal storage options of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. However, it does not have a microSD card slot. Meanwhile, Galaxy Note 4 is powered by a 2.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM. It comes with 32 GB of internal memory with external memory storage option of upto 128 GB.

As far as cameras of both the phones are concerned, while iPhone 6 Plus has an 8-MP rear camera and lower pixel front camera, Galaxy Note 4 boasts of a 16-MP real camera and 3.7-MP front shooter. However, as per latest reports, iPhone’s camera has outperformed every other smartphones when capturing photo is being talked about. A common feature for both the devices is Optical Image Stabilization integration.

Other features that Galaxy Note 4 boasts of are its improved S Pen stylus, its multi-tasking mode and rapid charging technology. iPhone 6 may not have a Stylus pen, but it has a better fingerprint sensors. Moreover, its Reachability function lets people use the enormously big device using just one hand.

Both the smartphones have their share of strong points. The choice would be made based on people’s requirements and expectations.