3 confirmed Killer specs of iPhone 6 on Release Date

The release of the iPhone 6 will bring to us a number of top features that will include something along the lines of an enhanced shooter and battery applications.

Apple actually plans on improving its camera on the iPhone 6 but does not want to compete with the Windows and Android devices.

It is possible for Apple to skip the addition of a powerful camera in the iPhone 6 but it will instead improve all the other components that are used for enhancing images. An Apple insider said that the company will be focusing on the over all images that are created instead of simply boosting the camera.

The next feature is the new battery with a longer life that will also have an inbuilt power manager that will automatically control the battery usage. 

The third feature is the bigger screen size that Apple promises to deliver to their loyal users on the iPhone 6. This will be a pretty big make over from the cramped four inch screen seen on previous models and while there is no confirmation on the exact size, one can expect that Apple will be moving into the phablet market.