iPhone 6 Most Likely To Be Released In August

The latest reports have surfaced online about the release and specifications of Apple’s iPhone 6. The reports have suggested that the company is working towards increasing production and employing more people in order to ensure the timely release of the next iPhone 6 around fall.

Some analysts claimed that Apple will be releasing its next flagship in two variants – a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5 model. The 4.7-inch variant is likely to be available in the market this fall, but no release date has been confirmed for the 5.5-inch variant, according to analysts.

Meanwhile, a report by Reuters has showed that Pegatron Corp. has established a new facility employing Chinese workers for the manufacturing of iPhone 6. Pegatron Corp. is behind the assembling iOS devices for Apple for a period now. The report also suggested that Apple is scheduled to start assembling the device in the period between April and June.

There also have been rumors that the next Apple device will be having weather-related sensors. A patent filing read “The addition of sensors tallies with a recent leak which showed Apple was developing a health monitoring system and an app called HealthBook. The rumoured iWatch would probably work with this app to help [users] monitor their fitness levels and chart day to day exercise.”

The upcoming smartphone is expected to be available in a bigger screen size along with a faster and better A8 processor, fingerprint sensor as well as other new and exciting features and improvements.

However, the company is still to make any official announcement about the release date and its specifications.