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iPhone 6 May Bring Back Apple in Big Game, May Sport A7 ARM Cortex Processor, 2GB Of RAM

A number of features and top-most specifications are rumored to be in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. The latest in the league of speculations for Apple’s next smartphone is an upgraded A7 ARM Cortex processor that the device will supposedly feature. Touted as one of the most awaited and stylish device, the iPhone 6 might come out with 2GB of RAM, which is the double of its predecessor, iPhone 5.

Apple always experiments with the design and style of every new product it launches. Its last release, the iPhone 5 sports a dual-core A6 processor and therefore, it is rumored that the iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 6 (name still unknown) will come out with refreshed, better and innovative features such as an improved quad-core A7 ARM Cortex processor.

Apple iPhone 6 is speculated to be released in September. The rumor went abuzz with Tim Cook’s statement in April, where he said, “I don’t want to be more specific, but I’m just saying we’ve got some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014.”

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The next-gen iPhone might hold a bigger screen with 4.8-inch Retina display and might also have an improved screen resolution of 1080p. Certain reports also indicate towards a power-packed 13 megapixel camera along with a fingerprint sensor.

However, it rumors turns out to be true, Apple fans will have yet a new smartphone to look forward to in September.

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