Yes, latest reports say that a new iPhone will be out by the 20th of September and it could be the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 6. In the meantime fans of the iPhone have continued posting up concept videos for the iPhone. Since most believe that the iPhone 5S will just be an upgrade for the iPhone, most of the more radical concepts are for the iPhone 6.

Water resistant iPhone

This is definitely one of the big ones for me. It seems only inevitable that Apple eventually goes this way with Sony and Samsung already having tried their hands at it – with varying degrees of success. ConceptiPhone has a nice video out for a water and dust proof iPhone, perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

Folding Screen

Many people have come out with concepts for a folding iPhone, some are very well thought out. While some concepts have screens that bend into a curve, the best ones I’ve seen is by Ran Avni that actually folds into a larger screen that can be used almost like an iPad.

There are many more such concepts available online – hopefully Apple is listening, because fans of the iPhone are telling it exactly what they want!