iPhone 6 Big Screen: What it Means For Android Kings Samsung And Sony?

Apple is set to launch its latest masterstroke with the iPhone 6 soon. With the flagship to be in the open very soon, we hear  that the smartphone could come in two variants of 5.7 and 4.7 incher each. We are mighty pleased with the titbit yet wonder what this could mean for the other giants in the big-screen segment, namely Sony and Samsung?

As for Apple’ agenda—it is as clear as letting iOS take away the cream from Android. Being a hard-core Android loyalist myself, I feel my loyalty already on slippery ground. If industry reports are to be believed, then Apple could indeed see beefed up sales post-diversifying into the mainstream territory.

As far as predictions are concerned, we heard news that about 9 per cent of existing users of the iPhone could alter over to another model each quarter. With a bigger and better screen, Apple could prevent this shift in fan-ship towards Samsung or Sony.

We guess, Apple can actually appeal more strongly to the market with the release of this pair for iPhone 6. Despite the Cupertino quartets not budging an official line, we are more or less sure of the news.