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iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – The War of Two Tribes

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The tussle between Samsung and Apple is ongoing. After the launch of iPhone 5s, two years back, Samsung also introduced its impeccable S5 model in 2014 to give tough competition to Apple. However, with these strong contenders in the market of smartphones, it’s is very difficult even for an expert to tell who will be victorious.

iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5  Lets’s review both and see the results.


Apple knows how to design a masterpiece and this is evident from the 5S’s two-tone glass and aluminium back. However, Samsung cannot compete here with iPhone as its S5 still has the same old plastic look like the previous models.


With 4 inches LCD display with 1136 x 640 IPS326 pixel per inch density, iPhone 5S falls short before the 5.1 inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen of Samsung S5. Samsung’s 432 pixels per inch display definitely has an upper hand over iPhone.


The 8 mp rear camera of iPhone with ‘True Tone’ flash is quite capable to give tough competition to 16 mp snapper of Samsung S5. However, S5’s camera is much faster than 5S and has the feature to modify the focus of a click post taking the pic. Additionally, you can see how your photo will look in HDR with its realtime HDR feature. Although, feature-wise Samsung overpowers the iphone, undoubtedly, iPhone 5S has the best camera ever.


Having low powered 1,560 mAh juice pack, iPhone 5S fails to impress the users who needs extended battery life. However, with 2,800mAh battery, Samsung S5 has all the abilities to flatter its users. S5 only drops 16% of its battery even after keeping at video with full brightness. Isn’t it astounding?

After analysing aspects of both iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5, we can say that both the devices has its pros and cons and with strong clientele, both smartphones are here to stay in the market even after the launch of their upgraded versions. 

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